Petition Scrap the fuel duty on HVO fossil-free diesel

Scrapping the fuel duty on HVO diesel should lead to a faster take up of this environmentally friendly fuel.

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By incentivising large scale manufacture in Britain, the loss of fuel duty could be offset by new job creation.

In a report by, global production of HVO in 2021 was 7.351 million metric tons, (the EU produced nearly 3.3 mmt and the USA over 2.4 mmt).

While a 2021 report by the UK Trade Remedies Authority (TRA) stated that: "there is no HVO industry in the UK".

Diesel fuelled vehicles will be with us for many years to come, this "drop in" fuel would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by vehicles using it by up to ninety percent and could help reduce our dependence on imported fuels.

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