Petition Do not extend the period before a vehicle’s first MOT to 4 years

The Government has proposed extending the period before a vehicle has to have its first MOT from 3 years to 4. We believe this will be dangerous, expensive, damaging and unnecessary. 1,759 casualties were caused by vehicle defects in 2021. Keep our roads safe by keeping the MOT at 3-1-1.

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The Government has considered extending the period before a new vehicle needs its first MOT several times in recent years, and abandoned plans every time after common-sense arguments from industry bodies and consumers alike. We believe any reduction to the MOT frequency will be:

Dangerous: Increased casualties and deaths caused by vehicle defects
Expensive: Increased vehicle repair, maintenance & insurance costs
Damaging: Increased pollution & congestion levels
Unnecessary: There is little evidence to suggest motorists want to change MOT frequency

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