Petition Require alcoholic drinks to be clearly labelled as vegetarian, vegan, or not

Many alcoholic drinks are made using Isinglass, a substance taken from the swim bladders of fish. This means many drinks are not vegetarian or vegan, but labelling is poor compared to other products. Please require manufacturers, retailers and hospitality venues to clearly label alcoholic drinks.

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As a result of poor labelling with regard to brewing processes for Beers, Ales, Wines and Ciders, many Vegetarians or Vegans who avoid animal products in their food and drinks do not have the information they need to avoid consuming products that contain fish guts (Isinglass). Clear and obvious labelling would allow Vegetarians (10% of population) and Vegans (3% of population) to be confident about their consumer choices when in pubs and restaurants. We are so often unable to rely on staff to correctly advise.

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