Closed petition Increase GVW of class 7 to 5 ton for vehicles registered > 2022

Govt to allow DVSA to increase weight class of Class 7 MOT testing to include vehicles up to 5 ton gross vehicle weight for vehicles registered after 2022, for existing and new class 7 mot bays that are properly equipped to cater for this weight of vehicle

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The arrival of electric delivery vans in the class 7 mot test category has created vans that are only capable of a nominal payload when compared with vans powered by combustion engines (due to heavy batteries). Allowing the vans to be tested for a 5 ton weight limit will help identify issues during an MOT, and will ultimately increase road safety.

The current HGV testing is unlikely to be able to absorb the extra demand for testing volume if these vans are pushed upwards into HGV category

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