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Closed petition Review and enhance the rights of Service Family Accommodation (SFA) tenants

We believe Armed Forces families are consistently let down by the service providers that are supposed to maintain Service Family Accommodation (SFA). We want the Government to review and enhance the rights of SFA tenants, so they have at least the same rights as private tenants.

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The Defence Infrastructure Organisation is responsible for holding service providers to account, but the families living in this accommodation often struggle to have issues with accommodation resolved. We want the Government to review the existing rights of SFA tenants, and ensure they have the legal right to personally hold providers to account where they neglect their responsibilities, just like a private tenant would.

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MPs debate the maintenance of service family accommodation

On Monday 19 June, MPs took part in an adjournment debate in Parliament on the maintenance of service family accommodation. The debate was led by Helen Morgan MP. Dr Andrew Murrison MP, the Minister for Defence People, Veterans and Service Families, responded for the Government.

What are Adjournment debates?

Adjournment debates are general debates which do not end in a vote. They give a backbench MP the opportunity to raise an issue and receive a response from a government minister.

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Share your experiences of service accommodation

On Tuesday 19 December, Alistair Strathern MP will lead a debate in Parliament on the adequacy of service accommodation.

To inform the debate, he would like to hear from those in the armed forces, and/or their families, about:

  • Experiences of service accommodation, such as Single Living or Service Family Accommodation

  • Suggestions for changes or improvements to service accommodation

Alistair may quote your contribution directly during his debate.

Find out more and share your experiences with him by midday on Monday 18 December:

Videos of the debate, the transcript of what was said, and other relevant material will be accessible shortly after the debate on this webpage.

What are Westminster Hall debates? 

Westminster Hall is the second Chamber of the House of Commons.  

Westminster Hall debates give MPs an opportunity to raise local or national issues and receive a response from a government minister. Any MP can take part in a Westminster Hall debate. 

Debates in Westminster Hall take place on ‘general debate' motions expressed in neutral terms. These motions are worded ‘That this House has considered [a specific matter]'. This means that Westminster Hall debates don’t end in a vote on a particular action or decision.