Petition Transfer responsibility for Southeastern metro services to Transport for London

Southeastern routes are often more expensive than TfL's, yet are a worse service. Southeastern's December 2022 timetable lumbered us with infrequent and unreliable services, disrupting lives and businesses. It is time to devolve SE London's services to TfL, which has a proven record in local rail.

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In January 2016, the Department for Transport and the Conservative mayor of London published a prospectus on devolving the capital's rail services to TfL. Agreements had been reached and a timetable laid out.

Nothing happened and SE Londoners are now paying the price. London Overground services bounced back after the lockdowns, but Southeastern Metro has been cut. Government should start to implement the 2016 prospectus and let London take control of its local trains.

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