Closed petition Introduce Mandatory Licensing of Low Power Weapons/Air Guns in England & Wales.

Make air weapons subject to licensing under the Firearms Act 1968, so these are regulated in a way which protects public safety. Registering the purchase of Air Rifles/ Air Pistols/ Air Guns is not required now. We believe that licensing is needed, with appropriate penalties for licensing failures.

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Air Weapons accounted for 31% of firearm offences in England & Wales in 2021. Prosecuting offences involving air rifles can be more difficult because most air rifles do not leave identifiable marks on missiles. Air weapons are used to kill/maim wildlife & domestic pets and are used in vandalism/common/serious assaults. Scotland addressed this in 2015 in the Air Weapon and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015. We need the same in England & Wales so that Police can better protect people by removing air weapons where licences are breached, or have not been obtained.

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