Closed petition New environmental requirements in law for new buildings to reduce emissions

Add the following requirements to be included in all new buildings (homes or business):
1.Fully solar roof & solar cell windows for electricity generation.
2.Have sufficient insulation installed for EPC grade "A".
3.A large battery capable of 8hrs peak use.
4.A heat pump.
5.EV port.

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It is vital the UK do everything possible to reach net zero by 2030 if we are to stop climate change at 1.5 degrees. 2/3rds of climate change emissions come from energy & fuel usage; this could help reduce those.

By legally requiring all new buildings to inc. above tech:

1.These buildings could be reduced to near zero emissions.
2.It could help reduce fuel poverty.
3.It should create new industries & jobs, resulting in cheaper prices for retrofitting to existing buildings in the future.
4.Promote EV usage.

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