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Closed petition Increase funding for SEND support in early years and school

* Extend Early Years Inclusion Funding to Reception (FS2) and Year 1
* Increase funding for Speech and Language therapy in all schools
* Fully fund all EHCPs
* Bring back School Action and School Action + for children who don't qualify for SEND support

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The impact of the pandemic is huge, with increasing numbers of children arriving in Early Years with significant S&L, communication and complex needs. Current SEN funding is wholly insufficient. Evidence for EHCPs (rightly) takes time, but schools need funding in the interim to support children, with additional S&L provision. Early Years Inclusion Funding stops at FS2, meaning SEN/D pupils can miss out on support at this crucial stage, yet evidence for EHCPs is often collected in FS2 and Yr1.

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