Petition Review use of BMI in diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders

We are concerned people are not receiving the correct help for eating disorders, due to their BMI showing them as being a "healthy weight". This can mean that eating disorders go undiagnosed and untreated. Reliance on BMI also fails to acknowledge that eating disorders are mental health conditions.

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I was diagnosed with anorexia in February 2023 but only received the help I needed on my third admission to hospital when my heart rate dropped to a dangerously low level in April 2023. I reached out for help in November 2022 but as my BMI is ranked as "healthy" I was not categorised as needing immediate help. As a gymnast I have a lot of muscle mass hence why my BMI is regarded at this level, disregarding the fact my condition was worsening. The use of BMI is an outdated measure of individuals.

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