Closed petition Reform the Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme (VDPS) to improve support

Ensure claims do not take longer than 8 months to process.

Replace the 60% disability requirement with a tiered system.

Enable payments of more than £120,000.

More details

Include and fund access to specialist support such as counselling, medical and benefits advice.

At 24/4/2023 4,914 claims referencing the C19 vaccines have been made to the VDPS. 561 have waited over 12 months for an outcome. In 2019, 2020 only 1 claim failed the 60% disability criteria when causation was accepted. This has risen to 100 since November 21. The award of 120,00 can fail to take full account of long-term care needs or loss of income. We believe people who are severely disabled as a result of a vaccination also do not receive enough support during or after the process.

Urgent reform is needed to better support those harmed and to restore confidence in the scheme.

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