Petition Fund non-consolidated payments for organisations providing NHS funded services

The Department for Health and Social Care to fully fund the 2022 non-consolidated pay award for organisations providing NHS funded services to enable them to pay their staff this award, to maintain parity of esteem and recognise the work of all colleagues working to deliver NHS funded services.

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Due to changes in NHS commissioning, many organisations delivering NHS funded services are not NHS organisations but are not-for-profit or social enterprise organisations, particularly those that provide community healthcare services.

The NHS family is made up of many provider organisations that provide NHS-funded services through commissioned contracts. We believe the recent non-consolidated pay award should also be fully funded for these organisations.

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This response was given on 26 June 2023

Independent providers may choose to utilise the Agenda for Change contract. Where they do so, they should review their commissioning contracts to consider the recovery of additional cost pressures.

On 2 May 2023, the NHS Staff Council accepted a new pay deal for NHS staff employed on the Agenda for Change contract by eligible employers. This included:

• a non-consolidated award of 2% of an individual’s salary for 2022-23; and

• a one-off NHS ‘Backlog Bonus’ which recognises the sustained pressure facing the NHS following the pandemic and the extraordinary effort staff have been making to hit backlog recovery targets and meet the Prime Minister’s promise to cut waiting lists. The backlog bonus is worth at least £1,250 per person for somebody working full time but will be determined based on how much experience staff have and based on an individual’s pay band.

Eligibility criteria are important to set clear parameters for funding and the government has taken a considered approach to setting these criteria with the NHS Staff Council. The pay offer to Agenda for Change staff, approved by a majority on the NHS Staff Council on 2 May, applied to staff directly employed by an NHS organisation as set out in Annex 1 of the NHS Employers handbook. Therefore, independent providers were not eligible to receive funding for the non-consolidated awards.

Independent providers remain free to develop and adapt their own terms and conditions of employment. It is for them to determine what is affordable within the financial model they operate, and how to recoup any additional costs they face. Where independent providers have adopted the same terms and conditions as offered on the Agenda for Change contract, they should review their commissioning contracts to consider whether and how to recover any additional cost pressures they now face.

More information, including on eligibility, can be found at:

Department for Health and Social Care

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