Petition Review aftercare provided by the NHS for everyone affected by a Cardiac Arrest

At present, there is no formal care pathway for Cardiac Arrest Survivors. We want the Government to review NHS aftercare for all survivors of Cardiac Arrest, to ensure they receive the care and support they need.

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NHS England has a National Stroke Programme that covers stroke rehabilitation, and NICE guidance (NG185) covers rehabilitation for a heart attack (and other acute coronary syndromes). Currently, there is no minimum level of follow up for Cardiac Arrest Survivors, meaning many patients are missing out on vital services helping them to a full recovery.

Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) wants to improve the standard of care offered to all survivors and their key supporters by publishing a Quality Standard which must be made equally available to all. We believe a programme, targeted to the individual’s needs, would improve quality of life, be cost-effective, and may reduce hospital readmissions.

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