Petition Record and publish numbers of companion animals euthanised in England

Currently there is no accurate data on companion animal euthanasia. We want requirements for veterinarians, rescue organisations and pounds to record and report details on companion animal euthanasia including why, where, gender, breed, age, and breeder information.

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This should then be published by the Government.

Government responses to previous petitions have failed to acknowledge that this data is needed.

A large number of companion animals are at risk of euthanasia and/or euthanised due to economic restraints, behaviour issues, lack of rescue spaces and treatable health conditions
Mandatory recording requirements would provide information that can be used to put in place measures to help reduce future risks of euthanasia and provide data leading to awareness and action on areas of concern to the public, such as abandonment, bites and behaviour.
Change does not happen without evidence.

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