Petition Require MPs to vote on any emergency authorisations of bee-killing pesticides

In 2021, 2022 and 2023, the UK government permitted use of neonicotinoids for beet growing without a vote in Parliament. Derogations from the ban on use of these substances are no longer allowed in the EU due to proven harm to pollinators.

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There must be greater democratic oversight of any future authorisations of these banned pesticides in the UK. Authorisation for the use of Cruiser SB beet seed coating in 2023 was granted against the advice of the Government’s own experts. This substance is highly toxic to pollinators, persistent in soil and leaches into water courses. Given the deadly impact of this pesticide, future authorisations must be scrutinised through a full parliamentary debate and a vote. The health of bees is a widespread concern in the UK and the public are entitled to hold to account those who permit use of bee-killing pesticides.

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