Petition Make the State Pension equal to Minimum Wage (40hr/wk 23+) to all from age 60

The State Pension is far too low. The Government must increase the basic State Pension to £21,673.60 a year (£416.80 pw) and extend this to everyone aged 60 or over. This should lift thousands out of poverty, give our elderly folk more power to survive, and help grow the real economy, bottom up.

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From April 2023 someone aged 23 or over working 40 hours a week would be entitled to a minimum of £416.80 a week.

A State Pension Age of 60 for all, based on 40 hours a week at the minimum wage, reflects that there has been a decline in improvements in life expectancy, and that health often deteriorates long before people are able to claim State Pension currently.

Today's young are tomorrows old, so removing the need for the means-tested Pension Credit, that discourages savers, is defending the future of all, and investing directly into the real economy via a much higher State Pension, universally paid.

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