Closed petition Tax private jet flights fairly and phase out kerosene private jets

1 in 10 flights from UK airports are private jet flights, but loopholes (0% VAT and 0 Air Passenger Duty on larger private aircraft) mean they pay almost no tax. It does not make sense for these flights to be zero-rated for VAT, and some to pay no APD, as they are not essential items.

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Three quarters of private jet passengers pay no APD or the same APD as premium economy passengers, but emissions from these flights are typically 10 and up to 30 times higher than standard flights. A fair and effective rate of taxation should be proportionate to the per passenger emissions, should take into consideration the proportion of the typically higher ticket price which is tax, and the luxury nature of this mode of travel.

Private jet flights are some of the most feasible to be powered by electric or hydrogen. A phase out date for kerosene aircraft should be set to encourage the transition to zero emission alternatives.

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