Closed petition Restore COVID-19 wastewater monitoring in England

Wastewater testing for SARS-Cov-19 (COVID-19) virus, authorised by the government and implemented by the Joint Biosecurity Centre, Defra and the Environment Agency, that had provided an early warning system for virus spread, has ended in England. It continues in Wales and needs to resume in England.

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When ending the COVID-19 global health emergency, the World Health Organisation made clear that COVID-19 remains a global health threat. It warned against complacency and reduced surveillance. WHO director general Dr Ghebreyesus said: “The worst thing any country could do now is to use this news as a reason to let down its guard, to dismantle the systems it has built, or to send the message to its people that COVID-19 is nothing to worry about.” The UK has done just that, risking public health.

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