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Closed petition Give 500,000 UK overseas State Pensioners with frozen pensions parity

Approximately 500,000 of 1.2 million state pension recipients living abroad do not receive increases to their state pension in the same way as other state pension recipients. We want the state pensions of these individuals to be increased to current rates, and to receive annual increases in future.

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We believe the need for reciprocal social security agreements has long passed as other countries already pay their pensioners in the UK annual increases. We believe the freezing of UK citizens pensioners is discriminatory, unjust and immoral.

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Government responds to petition on uprating of state pensions for people living abroad

The Government has responded to a public (paper) petition about uprating of state pensions for people living abroad. The petition calls on the Government to engage with the Canadian Government on this issue. The petition was presented to the House of Commons by Martyn Day MP on behalf of residents of the constituency of Linlithgow and East Falkirk.

In response to the petition, the Government has stated that the state pension system is intended to provide support for pensioners who ordinarily reside in the UK. It goes on to say that state pensions are up-rated overseas where there is a legal requirement to do so, such as a reciprocal social security agreement.

The Government's response says that successive Governments have maintained the view that it would be unfair to place additional burdens on UK taxpayers to fund increased pensions for people who decide to live abroad. The Government says that it has no plans to change the current arrangements for payment of the UK state pension overseas.

What are public (paper) petitions?

A public (paper) petition is a petition to the House of Commons presented by an MP.

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