Closed petition Introduce national restrictions on pavement parking.

Parking on pavements poses a serious threat to public safety as cars blocking pavements can force people out on to the road. We want the Government to legislate restricting pavement parking, unless an exception is made by a local authority, to ensure that everyone can walk their streets safely.

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Pavement parking affects everyone, but is especially dangerous for people with disabilities, including people with sight loss and wheelchair users, as well as parents with children, and older people.

Cars on pavements can make it difficult for people to get to work, education, or social activities. The constant fear that cars will block their way can also reduce peoples’ confidence to leave their house alone.

In 2020, the Government consulted on options to tackle pavement parking, yet no progress has been made.

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Government responded

This response was given on 23 October 2023

This highly important issue is complex and involves many conflicting factors. The Government needs to get this right and is carefully considering the issues before deciding the way forward.

The Minister recognises the importance of this issue to all pedestrians. The Department received over 15,000 detailed responses to the consultation including tens of thousands of open comments. Every single response has been analysed and we have been giving careful consideration to the findings.

We want to take the right step for communities and ensure that local authorities have appropriate and effective tools at their disposal. We are working through the options and how they can be delivered. Once this is concluded we will publish our formal response to the consultation.

In the meantime, local authorities have the powers to restrict pavement parking wherever there is a need, by introducing Traffic Regulation Orders.

Department for Transport

MPs take part in debate on pavement parking

On Thursday 7 March, MPs took part in an adjournment debate on pavement parking.

The debate was led by Liz Twist MP. The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, Guy Opperman MP, responded to the debate on behalf of the Government.

What are Adjournment debates?

Adjournment debates are general debates which do not end in a vote. They give a backbench MP the opportunity to raise an issue and receive a response from a government minister.

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