Petition Stop calling uranium mined fuels "clean energy"

Scrap the rebranding of nuclear as "clean." Even the very first step of the fuel cycle, the mining of Uranium is uniquely dirty and dangerous. The extraction of a finite resource which is far from "home grown."

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The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero announced in July that "The UK’s nuclear renaissance begins with the launch of Great British Nuclear helping us deliver clean, reliable energy for generations to come."

Future generations are being dangerously misled about the main product of nuclear power - nuclear waste. This will be just as dangerous to their lives as it is to ours. Using Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology, the total NDA (Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) group carbon footprint for 2019/20 is 1,046,950 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)". We believe much of this is in directly looking after radioactive wastes at Sellafield.

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