Petition Introduce licences, mandatory training and annual vet visits to own a dog

We believe banning dogs in ineffective. Instead, licenses should be required to own a dog, with a requirement to be trained on the breed's basic needs and training, and take them for annual vet visits to check on health and behaviour

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Breeds are not the issue. One cause of aggressive dogs is the lack of proper education and training, another is abuse and neglect. No dog, of any breed or mix, has an anatomical structure in their jaw that functions as a locking mechanism, this is a common argument to ban certain breeds. Blame irresponsible owners, not the animal reacting to its environment.

Microchips should registered to the owner’s licence, which should be available as a physical card and electronic document, and dogs could also have their nose print (which works like finger prints) registered, to make it easier to check that a dog is legally owned. Owners should also be required to attend one annual vet visit to check on health and behaviour.

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