Petition Increase the UC Childcare Assessment Period Reimbursement in line with Schools

Increase the Universal Credit Childcare Assessment Period Reimbursement from 3 months to 5 months to fall in line with Afterschool Clubs. Some school open this spaces for an entire school term, for example they open the afterschool clubs in July for the entire September - December School Term.

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The policy on the UC website is not clear and if purchased childcare upfront from Schools which runs clubs for the entire school term, is not going to be reimbursed as its not covered by the 3 months assessment period which starts on the day of purchase.
e.g Childcare purchased 14th July for Sep – Dec School Term.
The 3 months assessment period for UC are July, Aug and Sep, anything paid for childcare for Oct, Nov, Dec will not be reimbursed as not covered by the 3 months assessment period.

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