Petition Remove UK spouse visa financial requirement and fees for long term marriages

The Government should remove the current financial requirements and fees for spouses of British nationals where they have been married for over 6 years and are able to meet strict evidence requirements that they are in a durable relationship with their British partner.

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You don't want anyone gaming the system, but after several years of marriage/ solid evidence of a durable relationship it should be fine.

I am in the absurd situation where I am British, my children are British, but my wife has to pay £1538 just for the first spouse visa, and from £1560 - £2350 for the NHS surcharge. I also have to prove I earn over the £18600 threshold, which means I'll need to return to the UK without my wife until I have evidence that I've earned over this threshold for six months.

I understand the above rules for newlyweds but not serious married couples where there is clear evidence of a durable and genuine marriage

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