Petition Ban alcohol adverts on social media and offers on alcohol by retailers

Supermarkets often have alcoholic drinks on offer and display these prominently. Also people can be bombarded with adverts about alcohol, a drug that can kill people and ruins lives, on social media. I want the Government to ban alcohol adverts on social media and offers on alcohol by retailers.

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I have been sober for some time after nearly dying in hospital due to an alcohol addiction. My sober journey has been such a struggle. Going to the supermarket and seeing alcohol offers and large displays, as well as seeing adverts on my phone, seemingly showing that you can only have a good time with a drink, can be very difficult. So many addicts are seeing these adverts. Kids are seeing them and those trying to get better are seeing them. Please ban adverts shown on social media and require supermarkets to stop alcohol offers and price reductions. Freely advertising a drug that is so addictive and kills people is irresponsible.

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