Petition Create an AU Pair Specific visa in the UK

For the government to consider a legal, formal, straight forward route for a young, unskilled person via an Au Pair Visa to enter the UK for a limited period of time to stay in a host family legally in exchange for childcare.

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Currently, only around 7 countries can work as an Au Pair (AU) in the UK, requiring a pre-settled visa status or youth mobility visa. This visa is expensive and allows them to work as anything, making it difficult for many to opt for this option. The supply and demand for AU pairs are out of proportion, as UK families struggle to pay for childcare. However, with Brexit, these options have disappeared, and no European or African countries can work as an AU pair. Au Pair Jobs were initially created to provide young people with opportunities to explore other countries and cultures while earning money by caring for children. However, the UK's lack of AU pairs has negatively impacted those in need and those seeking to travel and explore the world.

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