Petition Identify common needs in EHCPs and require schools to support these by default

There has been a significant rise in the use of Education, Health and Care plans (EHCPs), with autism being named as the most common condition. I want government to analyse common requirements in EHCPs and ensure that schools implement these provisions by default.

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All schools should provide staff with up to date special educational needs and disability (SEND) and autism training, to naturally meet these needs.

The government want to cut the number of EHCPs by 20%. Local authorities are struggling with the volume of EHCPs due to budgets, staffing and resourcing of the provision that is legally required in section F. Identifying common needs and implementing them as default practice (for example, sensory/movement breaks and staff trained in SEND conditions), should naturally reduce the need for EHCPs as children will be supported at SEN Support level. Inclusion and access to a quality education is a right for all.

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