Petition Increase penalties for, and improve policing of littering.

I propose that an increasing level of deterring fines be used, for example, £1000 for a first offence, £5000 for a second, and £10,000 for a third and subsequent offence. In this way, fines would be a real deterrent for people on most income levels. Enforced community service should also be used.

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Littering is a major problem for all sorts of reasons. It can cause injury and death to wildlife, cause toxic chemicals to enter the food chain via the soil, and have an adverse effect on peoples’ enjoyment of the area in which they live or visit.
Local authorities can not afford to spend time and resources tackling the issue, so a real deterrent must be put in place, which should be policed using every possible method. In this day and age of CCTV and mobile phone footage, along with the more conventional methods of policing, there really is no excuse for not being able to enforce a proper anti littering policy.

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