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Closed petition Create comprehensive menstrual employment rights and requirements for employers

We want the Government to require all workplaces to offer paid menstrual leave, flexible work options, free menstrual products, education, and privacy measures to support employees during menstruation to foster inclusivity in the workplace. Recognise that needs may vary between individuals.

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Menstruation affects roughly 50% of the workforce, yet many workplaces lack adequate support, negatively impacting employees’ health, productivity and quality of life.

A survey of 2,000 British women and people who menstruate found that 85% experienced stress or anxiety when managing their periods at work, of whom:

- 43% fear leakage through clothes, followed closely by painful periods (42%) and heavy bleeding (40%).

- 17% attribute the stress and anxiety to not being able to take time off to deal with any menstrual problems.

- 10% cite unsupportive management as a contributing factor to their stress

In addressing the challenges faced during menstruation, employers can enhance well-being, and promote equal opportunity and inclusion at work.

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