Petition Extend health and safety legislation to cover armed forces personnel overseas

UK Armed Forces are bound by the criminal law of England and Wales wherever in the world they are serving. There is no special treatment or dispensation for Service personnel.

However, health and safety legislation does not apply to armed forces personnel when they are overseas.

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We want health and safety legislation to be extended to cover armed forces personnel overseas, enabling the MoD to be held accountable for health and safety breaches overseas, such as knowingly exposing Service personnel to asbestos.

Where there is a health and safety incident outside of the HSE's jurisdiction (eg the UK), the health and safety legislation does not apply, and HSE are not responsible for investigating.

British health and safety legislation only applies within the baseline of Great Britain (GB), to certain offshore facilities and to certain other activities within territorial waters, It does not apply to activities outside of these areas, so does not apply to military operations abroad, including British bases in Gibraltar, Cyprus or Germany etc.

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