Rejected petition Control the sale of fireworks or at least ban the loud volume of them.

Only make fireworks available to the public for a short length of time over bonfire week & new years. The amount of wildlife that dies of shock & the pets that suffer badly is cruel & it’s time to stop the cruelty. If you can’t stop them at least ban the use of the loud ones that sound like bombs.

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The affect it has on animals is cruel, fireworks are so loud now the vibration going through the ground is like a bomb going off. When you have them going off in all directions it’s impossible to get away from it especially living on a housing estate. It’s also bad for the environment? If it was just November for bonfire week & Christmas & new year, then it would be barely, it’s going on for months.

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There are already restrictions on when you can buy fireworks from particular businesses, which you can find out about here:

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Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public:

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