Petition Create a Palestinian Family Visa Scheme for Palestinian people affected by war

We want the government to take action and create a Visa scheme that allows Palestinian individuals affected by war, to be allowed into the UK. Just like we did for Ukraine.

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This visa would provide them with an opportunity to seek refuge and reunite with their families safely in the UK. By implementing this visa, the government can demonstrate its commitment to compassion, inclusivity, and supporting those who have endured the hardships of war. Together, let's urge the government to enact policies that provide a lifeline for Palestinians seeking safety and a chance to rebuild their lives safely.

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Other parliamentary business

MPs discuss the situation in Israel and Palestine

In the last two weeks, MPs have been regularly discussing the situation in Israel and Palestine. You can find details of relevant discussions in the House of Commons, and how to keep up to date on future business, below.

On Monday 16 October, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak MP, made a statement in the House of Commons about Israel and Gaza.

On Wednesday 18 October the Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly MP, answered an urgent question about the explosion at the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza.

On Monday 23 October, the Prime Minister made a further statement in the House of Commons about Israel and Gaza.

What are Ministerial statements?

Ministerial statements are a way for Ministers to bring an important matter to the attention of the House.

What are Urgent Questions?

If an urgent or important matter arises which an MP believes requires an immediate answer from a government minister, they may apply to ask an urgent question.

The relevant Government Minister has to come to the Chamber to explain what the Government is doing on the issue raised. The Minister will then usually take questions on the subject from MPs.

Keep up to date

You can find out about upcoming business in the House of Commons, including future discussions about the situation in Israel and Palestine, using Parliament's 'What's on' page.

Find out more about the situation in Israel and Palestine

The House of Commons has published a briefing on UK and international response to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The House of Commons has also published a reading list that provides links to Commons Library papers, Committee reports, parliamentary material and UK Government press releases related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during the current parliament. It also includes material on issues related to the current conflict, such as Iran’s influence in the Middle East and Hezbollah’s position in Lebanon. This paper will be updated regularly.

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