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Closed petition Create a 'Homes for Palestine' scheme so Palestinians can seek safety in the UK

We want the UK to allow Palestinians to seek refuge in the UK by allowing UK residents to open their homes for them and offer a bedroom, like they did for Ukraine.

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The Government should provide support for Palestinians using the scheme to get to the UK, so they can stay in spare bedrooms offered by UK residents.

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MPs debate the support for civilians fleeing Gaza

On Tuesday 6 February, MPs took part in an adjournment debate relating to support for civilians fleeing Gaza.

The debate was led by Peter Grant MP. Leo Docherty MP, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, responded for the Government.

What are Adjournment debates?

Adjournment debates are general debates which do not end in a vote. They give a backbench MP the opportunity to raise an issue and receive a response from a government minister.

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