Petition Call for an immediate ceasefire in Israel and Gaza

The Government must call for a ceasefire on both sides in Israel and Gaza. They must continue to call for the release of hostages, and call for the restoration of water, electricity and fuel to the people of Gaza.

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To allow for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, and the return of sanitation and emergency services to Gaza, thereby saving lives. To aid further diplomatic intervention and the prospective release of hostages, thereby saving lives. To prevent this from escalating into a wider regional conflict, which would have both local and global consequences, thereby saving lives.

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Israel and Gaza: Prime Minister questioned by Petitions Committee Chair

The Prime Minister appeared before the Liaison Committee on Tuesday 26 March. The Chair of the Petitions Committee, Cat Smith MP, questioned the Prime Minister on a number of issues relating to the situation in Israel and Gaza, including:

  • implementation of a ceasefire
  • licences for UK arms exports to Israel
  • delivery of aid to Gaza

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What is the Liaison Committee?

The Liaison Committee is made up of [Select Committee][6] Chairs. It considers the overall work of select committees, promotes the questioning of the Government and chooses committee reports for debates. It questions the Prime Minister about policy, usually three times a year.

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