Rejected petition Increase the number of police officers on a motorbike.

Vote for Increasing the number of police officers on a motorbike. This will allow quick capture of a thief who usually is on a motorbike too.
Also, motorbikes can easily filter between cars, making it easy for the police to pursue and capture the thief.

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Every day I come across videos on the internet of gans on a motorbike stilling phones, motorbikes, trying to rob a car at the traffic lights, or even robbing a Jewelry shop.

It is always repetitive to see the same scene, Two scooters with four people ready to rob.
Why did the thief use a scooter? Because is easy for them to escape just by filtering the traffic or using narrow roads where a car can not fit.

Why not use the same idea for the Police?
The cost of a motorbike and its maintenance is less than a police car.
The response of the police on a motorbike will be faster than a full-size police car.
The pursuit of the thief on a motorbike will be more effective.
One Police officer per Motorbike while usually two police officers in a car.

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