Petition Fast track benefits as soon as someone is diagnosed as terminally ill

Being told you have a terminal illness is devastating news. Being told you're not eligible for fast track benefits because you're expected to live longer than the '12 months or less' timeframe feels inhumane. TERMINAL MEANS TERMINAL, even if you're likely to live longer than 12 months.

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Our Prime Minister stated in the Commons he would look after the most vulnerable in society but fast track is only offered to those that are expected to die within 12 months. I myself am terminally ill and have been through the cruel benefits assessment. I ASK YOU TO SIGN THE PETITION CALLING ON THE GOVERNMENT TO CHANGE WHAT WE BELIEVE IS AN INHUMANE RULING AS THIS AFFECTS MANY TERMINALLY ILL PEOPLE. The Government says it's compassionate but we believe the restrictions on dying people are the opposite of compassionate.

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