Petition Legislate against any form of Digital ID

Legislate against Digital ID to prevent digital consolidation and exploitation of our personal and private data. We believe digital ID and the consolidation of a person's private and sensitive data pose a significant threat to human and civil rights.

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Digital ID or digital identification refers to a unique personal digital identifier that works like or similar to a paper-based ID (e.g., a government-issued passport or driver's license) and contains the same or similar data points. Digital consolidation of data refers to the collection of private data (e.g., biometric data, health records, social benefits, work status, references, relationship status, buying habits, social media accounts, political affiliation etc.) in a so-called digital wallet uniquely tied to an individual's Digital ID. If widely implemented or even mandated, we believe that digital ID and digital consolidation would erase the right to privacy, informational self-determination and data sovereignty which we see as pillars of working democracies.

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