Petition Require that trainee teachers are taught about preventing antisemitism

There were at least 2093 antisemitic incidents from 7/10 - 13/12/23, the most ever reported to Community Security Trust across 68 days. We must introduce compulsory modules on stopping antisemitism into the teaching training syllabus by Sept 2024, to help address prejudicial attitudes in children.

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In a survey by UCL Centre for Holocaust Education only 37% of student respondents knew what the term 'antisemitism’ meant.

There are daily fears for the Jewish community who are regularly experiencing hate crimes.
We ask:
1-Introduce compulsory modules on antisemitism in the QTS’ training syllabus by Sept 2024.
2-If teachers fail to meet the expected standards in teaching on antisemitism during annual appraisal, they should be required to undergo compulsory recertification.

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