Petition Make Level 2 Understanding Autism mandatory across all education and businesses

Make it mandatory for all schools, higher education, businesses and public services to have at least 1 person trained in Level 2 Understanding Autism at a minimum. There needs to be someone in the building/on shift/available at all times for students, employees, employers, customers and the public.

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In 2022 I left university and my studies because I felt they did not understand autism or my needs. I felt the whole 18 months I attended were a constant battle of me repeating my needs. I believe this could have been avoided if they had better understood the adjustments I required.

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Autism employment debated by MPs

On Thursday 25 April, MPs debated the Buckland Review of Autism Employment.

The debate was led by Sir Robert Buckland MP, who conducted the review.

The Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, Mims Davies MP, responded on behalf of the Government.

The debate was scheduled by the Backbench Business Committee.

What are backbench business debates?

Backbench business debates give backbenchers (MPs who aren’t ministers or shadow ministers) an opportunity to secure a debate on a topic of their choice, either in the House of Commons Chamber or Westminster Hall.

MPs can make a request for a debate to the Backbench Business Committee, which decides which debates to schedule.

This debate was on a motion calling on the Government, businesses and the wider economy to accept and implement the recommendations of the Buckland Review. This was agreed to.

Visual explainer: Backbench Business debates

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