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Closed petition Commit to keeping the Graduate Visa Route

The Migration Advisory Committee will review the Graduate Visa, which allows international students to remain in the country for two years after graduating to join the workplace.

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We want the government to confirm that it is committed to the Graduate Visa and that there is no risk it will be cut back.

We believe:

1. The route offers international students – who pay a premium at UK universities – work experience, connections in the UK workplace & a chance to mitigate study costs

2. It helps to keep UK higher education competitive in a global market. Without it, we believe that many universities – which rely on international fees would risk going into the red

3. Employers & economy: it's been estimated that the economic benefit of international students to the UK is £41.9 billion and the route offers employers access to talented graduates

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Following the election, it will be up to the Government to decide whether to respond to this petition.

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