Petition Ban 'use by' dates on fresh fruit, vegetables and salads

We would like the Government to change the law to eradicate 'use by' dates on fresh fruit, vegetables and salad products. 'Best before' dates could be used to show when products may decline in quality, but we do not think 'use by' dates, that prevent food being distributed, are appropriate.

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We are concerned that 'use by' dates on these products is increasing food waste and leading to perfectly good food being sent to landfill.

In the current climate of financial instabilities, we feel perfectly good food is being needlessly wasted because it has a 'use by date' attached to it. We see no reason for fresh produce such as salads, vegetables, and fruit to be labelled with a use by date. The law states that this food with a 'use by' date cannot be distributed past the date, generating food waste, and preventing food being distributed to families that might need it.

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