Petition Commission an inquiry into UK Arms trade with Israel

The Government should commission a full inquiry into UK arms imports & exports with the state of Israel, to establish whether there is a risk of UK manufactured arms & components being used to commit or facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian law.

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The UK Government's Strategic Export Licensing Criteria sets out clearly the criteria for licensing of arms exports. Considering the available evidence, the inquiry should consider whether licenses should be suspended, revoked, amended or granted in the future.

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Israel and Gaza: Prime Minister questioned by Petitions Committee Chair

The Prime Minister appeared before the Liaison Committee on Tuesday 26 March. The Chair of the Petitions Committee, Cat Smith MP, questioned the Prime Minister on a number of issues relating to the situation in Israel and Gaza, including:

  • implementation of a ceasefire
  • licences for UK arms exports to Israel
  • delivery of aid to Gaza

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What is the Liaison Committee?

The Liaison Committee is made up of [Select Committee][6] Chairs. It considers the overall work of select committees, promotes the questioning of the Government and chooses committee reports for debates. It questions the Prime Minister about policy, usually three times a year.

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