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Closed petition Reinstate Martial Arts as one of the approved activities for GCSE PE

Martial Arts is a popular sport for children. Yet dedicated, passionate, talented students can no longer use them for GCSE. I think Martial Arts are wholly inclusive, appeal to all genders, all ethnic backgrounds and children with SEN. They can help promote fitness, self-discipline and respect.

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World Champion Martial Arts students who have trained for years have to choose alternative sports for GCSE PE or not to do it at all. We think this is a tragedy! If other specialist sports such as Equestrian and figure skating can be used, we believe it is wholly unjust to exclude Martial Arts. I believe Martial Arts CAN meet all 5 of Ofqual's requirements to make it on to the approved list. We would welcome the opportunity to open a dialogue with the Department for Education on this and an appropriate syllabus.

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