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Petition Call on Hamas to unconditionally surrender and return all the hostages

We believe the UK Government must call upon the leadership of Hamas to unconditionally surrender, and to return the hostages taken on the 7th of October massacre.

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Both Gazans and Israelis will continue to suffer until this conflict ends. We believe it cannot end until Israel has removed the threat to its citizens posed by having a proscribed terrorist organisation in control of Gaza, and until the safe return of it's innocent citizens taken as hostages. Therefore, it is essential that the hostages are returned unharmed, and that the Hamas leadership surrenders to end this conflict.

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Government responded

This response was given on 12 April 2024

Hamas should release all hostages now, unconditionally. We have been working with partners across the region to secure the release of hostages, including British nationals and their families.

Israel suffered the worst terror attack in its history at the hands of Hamas on 7th October 2023. Hostages brutally taken by Hamas on October 7 have been in captivity for over 187 days.

The UK Government has been working with partners across the region to secure the release of hostages, including British nationals and their families.

As the Foreign Secretary has said, Hamas should release all hostages now, unconditionally.

The United Kingdom has long been calling for an immediate humanitarian pause leading to a sustainable ceasefire without a return to destruction, fighting and loss of life, as the fastest way to get hostages out and aid in. We are also working to get live-saving aid into Gaza to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

The UK welcomed the recent UN Security Council Resolution, which reflects international consensus behind the UK’s position. The resolution also sets out the urgent demand for the unconditional release of all hostages.

We are clear that the vital elements for a lasting peace include the release of all hostages; the formation of a new Palestinian Government for the West Bank and Gaza, accompanied by an international support package; removing Hamas’s capacity to launch attacks against Israel; Hamas no longer being in charge of Gaza; and a political horizon which provides a credible and irreversible pathway towards a two-state solution.

The Foreign Secretary has met with hostage families, most recently on 18 March, reaffirming the UK’s commitment to see the release of all hostages.

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

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