Rejected petition The government should enforce more stringent punishment for bullying in schools!

The government need to work with schools to implement more severe punishments to children who bully others in schools. The schools constantly remind students about good attendance but why would children want to attend when its not a safe environment for them? Schools should be a safe environment!

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Children spend majority of their day, everyday at school, a place where they should be educated, able to grow and learn in a safe environment. For many children this is not the case due to harassment and bullying from other children, varying from verbal to physical abuse. Many fail even to report the abuse due to the lack of the matter being dealt with and the punishments not being adequate. Bullying leaves children with scars, causes mental health issues and insecurity, lets put a stop to it!

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Decisions about sanctions for misbehaviour are a matter for individual schools, but we have published the following petition, which you might like to sign:

Encourage schools to exclude pupils who continue to bully:

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