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Closed petition Ban carrying all knives regardless of length in public and increase sentences

We want the Government to change the laws surrounding knifes. It is currently legal to have a knife of 3 inches that folds. This can still be a deadly weapon. We want carrying a knife, of any length, in public to be illegal, and sentences for illegal possession of a knife to be increased.

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After the death of my 18 year old son Cameron we believe it is increasingly clear that there are massive flaws in the laws surrounding knife crime. Knife crime offences are increasing and we believe not enough is being done to deter people from carrying, and that the sentences given do not reflect the value of human life that is lost almost daily due to knife crime. It is my hope that enough people can get behind this and we can collectively bring about a change to give justice to families like mine who have suffered an immeasurable loss, and to also try and prevent it happening to others.

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