These petitions were submitted during the 2010–2015 Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government

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32,873 petitions

  1. Stop the cuts in the Open University

    59,169 signatures

  2. Cashless Scrap Metal Trade - Amendment to Scrap Metal Merchants Act 1964

    58,521 signatures

  3. No MP Salary Increase

    57,217 signatures

  4. Group B Strep awareness

    53,848 signatures

  5. We oppose the poposal to change the August Bank Holday to Margaret Thatcher Day

    52,519 signatures

  6. Reverse Ban on Holiday's During School Term Time

    51,403 signatures

  7. Save services for deaf children

    51,033 signatures

  8. Stop the Abolition of Disability Living Allowance for Personal Independence Payments

    49,688 signatures

  9. Reverse the changes to school term time family holiday rules

    48,943 signatures

  10. Do not ban the Niqab/Face Veil

    47,667 signatures

  11. Introduce Black History to the primary curriculum

    43,914 signatures

  12. End the 'Parent Trap' - suspend or reduce APD over school summer holidays

    43,747 signatures

  13. Introduce mandatory noise complaint waivers for anyone who buys or rents a property within close distance of a music venue

    43,323 signatures

  14. Keep Formula 1 Free To Air in the UK

    43,061 signatures

  15. HMRC confidential info leak

    41,292 signatures

  16. introduce mandatory noise complaint waiver for anyone who buys or rents a property close to motorsport venue

    40,606 signatures

  17. Petition to force the Sun newspaper to release its Hillsborough "The Truth" sources and documents

    40,290 signatures

  18. Do Not Force ISP Filtering of Pornography and Other Content

    39,173 signatures

  19. Save Mallory Park Circuit

    39,168 signatures

  20. Animal Cruelty Improved legislation

    39,119 signatures

  21. No state funeral for Maggie Thatcher

    38,534 signatures

  22. Grant a pardon to Alan Turing

    37,405 signatures

  23. For dialysis to remain a prescribed service on the NHS in 2015

    35,891 signatures

  24. Funding for Research into Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

    35,853 signatures

  25. Do not privatise the Probation Service

    35,495 signatures

  26. Peace in Burma - Please do something more Mr Cameron

    34,874 signatures

  27. Keep Richard III remains in Leicester

    34,479 signatures

  28. Christians under serious threat in Mosul, Iraq

    33,848 signatures

  29. Thatcher state funeral to be privatised

    33,832 signatures

  30. Full disclosure of all Government documents relating to the 1972 building workers strike and the conspiracy trials at Shrewsbury

    33,735 signatures

  31. Petition to retain the ban on Capital Punishment

    33,456 signatures

  32. David Cameron and George Osbourne to Resign

    32,401 signatures

  33. Negotiations on changes to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

    32,121 signatures

  34. Minimum milk price for farmers

    31,870 signatures

  35. Ultrasound Scan in Third Trimester of Pregnancy

    31,499 signatures

  36. Maintaining a fair and sustainable NHS pension scheme

    31,453 signatures

  37. Richard III to be re-interred at York Minster

    31,350 signatures

  38. Diamond Decoraration should include all veterans

    31,331 signatures

  39. Please Don't Close St. George's RAF Chapel of Remembrance Biggin Hill

    30,884 signatures

  40. Petition to Increase Awareness and Availability of Umbilical Cord Donation

    30,724 signatures

  41. Force the Premier League to back grassroots football

    30,607 signatures

  42. UKIP to be involved in 2015 Televised Debates

    30,097 signatures

  43. Save our media

    28,966 signatures

  44. Stop Legalised Theft of Copyrighted Works

    28,757 signatures

  45. Save Grass Roots Football

    28,611 signatures

  46. Petition to stop the government reclassifying craft as non-creative

    28,563 signatures

  47. Legalise cannabis

    28,507 signatures

  48. Proscribe English Defence League (EDL)

    28,455 signatures

  49. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public in the UK

    28,343 signatures

  50. Reject Winsor Part 2 Completely

    28,269 signatures

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