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  1. Make Worcester safer by introducing working cctv in and around the centre.

  2. Consider the rescheduling of Cannabis from Class B to Class C

  3. Make all UK fireworks silent and/or banned in residential areas.

  4. Stop smoking outside of schools!!!

  5. We as a country need the ban lifted on Iceland Rang-Tan Christmas advert.

  6. RemoveTheresa May as Prime Minister for not delivering Brexit

  7. Stop the bedroom tax, Completely,

  8. Make running a cat over and not reporting it illegal

  9. Enforce deselection of MP who leaves the party they were elected to represent

  10. Call an emergency parliment meeting to tackle Knife Crime in the UK!

  11. Escalate in service charges for flats from companies like firstPort.

  12. review procedures for child maintenance service for non residency parents

  13. Reinstate capital punishment be for treason

  14. Introduce pets as support systems for the more vulnerable members of society

  15. Brain aneurysm awareness

  16. No settlement payments to be made to the EU as part of any Brexit deal

  17. Amend the Road Traffic Act 1988 to include cats as an Animal in section 170.

  18. Anti-Islamic Practice bringing disgrace to Islam, Ban the EID dinner on Ashura.

  19. Make it an offence to pay EU billions in UK tax payers money on Brexit

  20. We want the police to chase all suspects on Motorcycles who discard their helmet

  21. Introduce more resources to children who have suffered from CSA or abuse.

  22. Make Football Clubs in the EFL 2 and above charge no more than £20 for a ticket

  23. overturn the tfl decision to cancel ubers licence

  24. Change the law so drivers are required to stop when cats have been run over

  25. Renew Uber licence

  26. Give Uber back their license to operate in London

  27. Stop Uber ban in London -> Work together on solution and renew license!

  28. Renew Uber's Licence in London

  29. Renew Uber London's private hire operator licence.

  30. Persuade TFL to not shut down uber.

  31. Keep Uber operating in London

  32. No confidence in parliament and all should be sacked for ignoring 17.5 million

  33. Debate the reckless decision taken by Transport For London regarding Uber.

  34. Vote of no confidence in Theresa may

  35. Prevent St. Helens council from changing from 2 week to 4 week bin collections

  36. Remove the Prime Minister through a vote of no confidence

  37. Sack Theresa may for a pro brexit prime minister.

  38. Inform politicians that democracy demands they adhere to the vote of the people.

  39. Keep to the original timescale for BREXIT

  40. Resignation of Theresa May after Betraying Brexit Referendum Result

  41. Require a fully itemised exit bill and error-free accounts from the EU

  42. A vote of no confidence in Theresa May.

  43. Once UBER makes necessary changesTFL/The Mayor should grant UBER it's licence.

  44. No transitional period or freedom of movement to UK after leaving the EU in 2019

  45. Block the UK Govt from giving any money to the EU after 2019 when art 50 expires

  46. The government must leave the EU in 2019, no free movement, no ECJ jurisdiction

  47. Legalisation of marijuana

  48. End discrimination against people with MH conditions when it comes to benefits.

  49. Remove Theresa May as prime minister.

  50. All dogs are to be walked on a lead at all times in public places.

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