Petition British citizens should be able to appeal the refusal of a family 'visit visa'

The appeals process for Family Visit Visa was removed on 25 June, 2013 to save costs. My recent personal experience confirmed that the UKBA seem to have cut the process of justice and accountability while cutting their costs. How can this be justified?
Is UKBA now the Judge, Jury and Executioner?

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In response to my query to UKBA I got back a ‘blank’ email with the request to fill out a satisfaction survey! My mother was rejected a visit visa recently and she was told not to apply within next 10 years. She is now 66. Which essentially means she may not possibly visit her grandchildren in UK for the rest of her lifetime. UKBA's rejection has no regards to how it affects me as a British Citizen. Why should UKBA be allowed to impose decisions without due and just care?
Stop this INJUSTICE!

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