Petition Introduce a 5p charge on single-use plastic straws.

Over 550 million plastic straws are used every day in the US & UK. Most plastic straws are not recycled. Plastic waste poses an enormous threat to wildlife, is a danger to human health and costs millions to the UK economy. A 5p charge on single-use plastic straws will reduce our plastic waste.

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Almost every piece of plastic ever produced still exists today. Most single-use plastic straws are discarded, often winding up in landfill, or contributing to the 8 million tons of plastic entering the sea every year.
Following the introduction of the 5p charge on plastic carrier bags in England, usage fell by 85% in just 6 months. We can achieve the same with plastic straws.
#FinalStraw are campaigning to reduce single-use plastics in the UK. More info:

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